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Are you looking for a relaxing massage for little or no cost? Try Acupoint Yoga Massage Balls, for Massage Therapy. Not Just Any Ball: They may be confused as regular lacrosse balls, but they are not regular balls.the Acupint balls are the size of a tennis ball and softer than a regular lacrosse ball. They have been specially manufactured as therapy balls to provide relief from muscle pain, soreness, joint pain and trigger point relief. The balls can be used as a cervical traction device or as neck pain relief devices to relieve neck pain. Benefits of Therapy Balls: The balls are firm yet not too hard, just enough to provide muscle knot relief, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and self myofascial release. The Yoga massage balls are helpful in releasing muscle contractions, relieve muscular immobility, improve blood and lymph circulation so that your over stressed fascia can de-stress and heal pinched nerve lower back pain, and pinched nerve neck pain. Acupoint balls can also help in physical tune up of the body. How to use: The best way to use the balls is to roll on the balls till you find the sore spot or acupressure point on your body, and then let your body weight do the rest. Just lie of the balls and your body weight will press against the firm balls for a few seconds, this will release the pressure at the sore point and provide you relief. Get pain relief, get mobile! Get your set of Acupoint acupressure Massage Therapy Balls!

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