ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller for Muscle Therapy & Balance Exercises, Black


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Do you see trainers at the gym, or your yoga instructor, carrying one of these around and wonder, "What is that thing?" The black ProSource High Density Foam Roller is a simple, effective, and inexpensive form of self-massage therapy used to release trigger points in your muscles and improve performance. ProSource Hi Density Foam Rollers are extra firm and are made from premium material for extra comfort. Great for gentle stretching and self-mobilization of joints and spinal stabilization. Positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, body awareness and coordination and ranging and strengthening activities. Dense foam construction of rolls provides firm support for all body types. Foam rollers are an essential tool for Pilates core abdominal and strengthening. Foam rollers are used as a balance training tool to improve balance for sports and everyday exercises. They are also an excellent aid for self massage of the upper and lower back, calf, hamstring, glutes and quads. Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina.

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